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Consulting, assistance, analysis and purchasing recommendations based on the sales of many customers

Who are we?

Holding of companies “HK-Digital”, since 2013 has been working on the international market of electronics and accessories from China and Hong Kong. Over the past 8 years of successful B2B cooperation with clients, our company has shipped more than 5000 orders. HK-Digital is located at the heart of the digital industry – Hong Kong. That is why we are aware of all the changes in the mobile industry, and we are the first to provide our customers with the latest models of smartphones, tablets and other gadgets and accessories. We take care of all the issues related to the organization of logistics, carry out the search and purchase of goods from trading floors, arrange inspections of factories in China.

It’s profitable with us!

Why us?

Quality of work

We check the order carefully before shipping

Minimum volume

Minimum volume of ordered products

Maximum profit

We analyze the market and find the most profitable products


We work according to all norms of local and international law

How can we be useful

Search for manufacturers and suppliers for your group of goods, group orders for online stores.

Выкуп товаров

Redemption of goods from marketplaces Alibaba, Taobao, 1688, Yupin and many other platforms.

Delivery of goods from China and Hong Kong – all over the world, purchase of goods, cargo delivery.

Quality control of goods, inspections, control of shipment, audit of factories.





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