Search for products, suppliers and manufacturers in China

One of the activities of our company is the search for products, suppliers and manufacturers in China. We offer a full range of services in this segment, namely:

  • based on the client’s technical assignment, we carry out a preliminary basic search – (free of charge)
  • we offer several product options from several manufacturers or suppliers at once – (free of charge)
  • we carry out a reliability check on the internal databases of the PRC to eliminate the risks of fraud – (free of charge)
  • we carry out inspections of manufacturers with the provision of a full report for the client – (find out the cost)
  • we get samples, compare the quality, if necessary, we do laboratory tests – (find out the cost)
  • we carry out the final inspection before payment and shipment of products to the client – (find out the cost)

We guarantee our objective and unbiased assessment of manufacturers, suppliers and goods. By ordering the service of searching for goods and manufacturers in China, you will also receive 100% quality service.

You will receive your goods of the best quality and with guarantees from our company. In case of marriage – 100% money back. Read more about our guarantees here. .

    Why us?

Quality of work

We check the order carefully before shipping

Minimum volume

Minimum volume of ordered products

Maximum profit

We analyze the market and find the most profitable products


We work according to all norms of local and international law


Additional services

Search for manufacturers and suppliers for your group of goods, group orders for online stores.

Выкуп товаров

Redemption of various goods from marketplaces Alibaba, Taobao, 1688, Yupin and many other platforms.

Delivery of goods from China and Hong Kong – all over the world, purchase of goods, cargo delivery.

Quality control of goods, inspections, control of shipment, audit of factories.