High quality electronics supplies from China and Hong Kong

From China and Hong Kong

Wholesale supply of high quality electronics

Wholesale trade of high-quality electronics from China and Hong Kong in B2B format is one of the main areas of work of our holding of companies. In an effort to offer each of our customers the most profitable and interesting terms of cooperation, we are rapidly developing wholesales of consumer electronics, computer accessories and other high-quality and proven goods from China. Working directly with many manufacturers of goods from China, we can become your reliable and constant supplier of any goods you are interested in.

If you are interested in the service of wholesale delivery of goods from the manufacturer to order, click the “Submit request” button, fill out the information and send it to us and we will answer you in full and as quickly as possible. Having received a request from a wholesale customer, we promptly search for a verified manufacturer in China and, in the shortest possible time, find out the possibility of deliveries to Europe, Russia, Ukraine, the countries of the former CIS, batch volumes and the price of goods desired for the purchase – we provide all the information received to the Customer for study and agreement.

You will receive your goods of the best quality and with guarantees from our company. Read more about our guarantees here..

How we are working


Fill out and send us an application for the service.


Depending on the product, you will receive an offer the next day or within 2-3 days.


We carry out preliminary monitoring and make sure that your request is fulfilled.


We form and send you a commercial offer with the cost of our services.


You study the offer, make an advance payment for services and we start searching.


We are sending you a photo of the product from different manufacturers with prices and our recommendations. We select 1-3 best options.


Choose the best solution for you and we will send you a full report.


If necessary and agreed with you, then we redeem the goods from the manufacturer as part of a separate service.

    Why us?

Quality of work

We check the order carefully before shipping

Minimum volume

Minimum volume of ordered products

Maximum profit

We analyze the market and find the most profitable products


We work according to all norms of local and international law


Additional services

Search for manufacturers and suppliers for your group of goods, group orders for online stores.

Выкуп товаров

Redemption of various goods from marketplaces Alibaba, Taobao, 1688, Yupin and many other platforms.

Delivery of goods from China and Hong Kong – all over the world, purchase of goods, cargo delivery.

Quality control of goods, inspections, control of shipment, audit of factories.