Huawei believes the crisis is a take-off platform. More stores, more products and your own ecosystem

US officials enjoy dabbling with national security issues, and they tirelessly seek out enemies who are encroaching on that independence. Huawei was hit by the rink and faced very serious pressure. But the Chinese company is in no hurry to shout “Everything is lost”. It bends, but does not break. On the contrary, she believes that the crisis will help her develop.

So the other day, Huawei Chairman Guo Ping arranged a meeting with the company’s employees, the theme of which was “do not miss the chance in a crisis situation.” He said that the US pressure on the company did not begin today. This has been going on for a single year and, for example, last year the company was excommunicated from the GMS version of Android, and in 2020 the chips were hit. In the situation in which Huawei found itself, it was difficult to build its ecosystem, but it managed to make serious progress in this direction. The top manager did not hide that the inability to produce Kirin chips will hurt the company, especially the premium segment of smartphones. But he is confident that they can handle everything.
Still, the uncertainty with the fate of Huawei remains. The fact that the company did not present the new flagship chip Kirin 9000 or 1000 at IFA 2020, which is currently underway, can be considered an alarming call. the current history of Huawei.
But on September 10, the company held a large-scale presentation in China, where it could show the new Huawei Freebuds Pro and FreeLace headphones, a smart watch and a new laptop from the MateBook series. On the same day, a conference for developers HDC 2020 started, where they talked about EMUI 11 and the proprietary operating system Hongmeng (Harmony).

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