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Goods and services from China and Hong Kong

Ways of payment

You can easily pay for your order from anywhere in the world. Our company works on 100% prepayment for goods and services. Details for payment to the company’s account are provided upon request, from the address: …….. @ We do not bear material or other responsibility for payments sent to third-party accounts of legal entities and individuals not agreed through the corporate mail of our company.

All outgoing costs, commissions of banks and other financial institutions related to payment / transfer of funds are borne by the customer. For some countries (country and region need to be specified), it is possible to work on a partial prepayment in the amount of 20% or more of the invoice value. For more information and terms of cooperation – please contact the specified contacts

Please note that any order for a product or service that has not been confirmed in writing or has not been prepaid in advance is not considered an ordered service or a basis for shipment of products, but can only be considered a “pre-sale consultation”. We will not be responsible for payment for any services or goods that have not been approved in writing by the sales department. If you have any difficulties in choosing a payment method, contact our online support, where they will recommend you the best and most convenient payment method.

Other payment methods

For advice on these payment methods, contact your sales manager or online customer support.

Delivery terms


3-12 days *

As a rule, almost all customers prefer the first delivery option, namely express air. Fast delivery of products such as tablets, smartphones and mobile phones is an important factor in a successful business and an advantage over competitors.

Shipping by sea

35-60 days*

The second option – sea delivery, as a rule, is used for accessories and phones, tablets of a low price segment, heavy and bulky cargo – this allows you to significantly save on shipping costs (more economical, more than 3 times compared to express – air).

If you have a transport company with which you are already working and you have no desire to change it, we can make targeted delivery of the formed cargo / order across China, to the warehouse of your company. For the delivery of smartphones and tablets, special packaging / containers are used, which guarantees the safety and integrity of the goods during delivery. Delivery work with recommended companies gives a 100% guarantee of the safety of your cargo (compensation of the cost according to the declared invoice) during delivery to the recipient. Important note: All negotiations related to the terms of delivery, delivery times, delivery costs, obtaining a client code, insured events – the client conducts on his own behalf directly with the transport and logistics company. After the transfer of the goods to the warehouse of the transport company, the client is provided with a complete photo report, as well as an accompanying document on the transfer of the goods, further detailed information can be obtained directly from the transport / logistics company.

Why us?

Quality of work

We check the order carefully before shipping

Minimum volume

Minimum volume of ordered products

Maximum profit

We analyze the market and find the most profitable products


We work according to all norms of local and international law


Our main focus is wholesale supplies of high quality electronics

HK Digital is a holding company that provides a full range of services for trading activities with China. Since 2012 we have been working on the international market for electronics and accessories. Over the entire period of work, we have successfully shipped more than 5,000 orders, for which we received not only constant cooperation with more than 500 clients.

    Additional services

Search for manufacturers and suppliers for your product group, group orders for online stores.

Выкуп товаров

Redemption of various goods from marketplaces Alibaba, Taobao, 1688, Yupin and many other platforms.

Delivery of goods from China and Hong Kong – all over the world, purchase of goods, cargo delivery.

Quality control of goods, inspections, control of shipment, audit of factories.