Located on the island of Taiwan, Asus deservedly ranks among the world’s leading manufacturers of modern hi-tech technology, namely: personal and tablet computers, mobile phones and smartphones, monitors, optical drives, motherboards and graphics cards. Currently, the company occupies an honorable third place in terms of shipments of PCs and tablets in the world, second only to such giants as HP and Dell in this regard.

The name of the company is derived from the name of the mythical winged horse Pegasus – Pegasus, which is a symbol of inspiration in science and creativity. The company’s management chose this name for a reason, since the modern generation invariably associates Pegasus with strength, creativity and purity. Each new product of the company is a natural result of new developments and discoveries.

Asus smartphones ideally combine all the main advantages and benefits that are of paramount importance for the modern pretentious consumer. In particular, we are talking about impeccable quality, excellent technical and functional characteristics, durability of service and ease of use. In this regard, Asus smartphones compete on equal terms with analogues of more eminent manufacturing companies.
For many years, Asus tablet models have invariably enjoyed impressive demand in the global market for modern gadgets due to their excellent technical and functional characteristics. Each new model of the company’s tablet computers fully complies with all trends in the current development of scientific and technological progress, which is a consequence of close monitoring of the requests and wishes of the end consumer.
In Russia, Asus confidently occupies a leading position in the domestic market of smartphones and tablets, increasing its presence every year thanks to its new hi-tech developments. The same is equally true in relation to Asus in Ukraine – modern models of the company’s gadgets are characterized by a rapidly growing demand.

The specialized company HK-Digital offers all interested parties the opportunity to carry out wholesale and small wholesale deliveries of Asus brand equipment from China and Hong Kong to anywhere in the world, Europe and the CIS, in particular, on the most favorable terms.

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