The Chinese company Coolpad is one of the leading manufacturers of modern models of smartphones, the popularity of which is growing rapidly every year, not only in the Middle Kingdom, but throughout the world. Today, the company has an honorable 3rd place in the domestic market of the PRC and 9th in the global market for hi-tech gadgets and mobile technologies. Carries out a full cycle of production of ultra-modern mobile gadgets under its own brand, which makes Coolpad one of the leading leaders in the field of mobile devices production.

Coolpad smartphones have long been undeservedly overshadowed by analog models from more famous companies. A young Chinese company fiercely tried to compete in the domestic market of European countries with well-known manufacturers from the United States and Europe, and it was thanks to their hard work and perseverance that gadgets made in China were finally able to occupy their niche. Compared to the first years after entering the markets of the countries of the Old Continent, sales volumes have increased markedly.

The main secret of the success of Coolpad mobile devices is their maximum usability and usability for the end user. So, models designed for 2 SIM-cards allow you to save significant money on making calls to different mobile operators. With the front camera, you can make video calls, a sensitive sensor and a high-resolution screen makes operating your phone extremely simple and easy.

In Russia, Coolpad smartphones are not yet as famous as, for example, in their native China or European countries, but every year the demand for new models is irreversibly growing and increasing. However, this is not surprising, taking into account the fact that hi-tech products of the company from China traditionally correspond to all the trends of the world market of mobile gadgets. On the territory of Ukraine Coolpad smartphones are also in growing demand in the domestic market due to their excellent characteristics.

The HK-Digital company offers to the attention of all interested parties an excellent opportunity to implement modern products of the Chinese company Coolpad, both in bulk and in small wholesale. Thanks to the established business ties with the Shenzhen plant and the transport companies of the PRC and Hong Kong, there are no impossible tasks for us.

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