BQ offers consumers to plunge into the world of modern, convenient, functional and affordable electronics. The designer and manufacturer of tablets, smartphones and comfortable, bright phones offers quality products that are available to any user.

A still very young team is confidently moving towards its goal – it is love and respect of consumers all over the world. To achieve this goal, a strong team has been formed, in which each member has his own important tasks. Creative designers create sophisticated and stylish gadgets. Developers fill devices with functional and convenient operations necessary for active life in modern society. Product assembly is carried out by specialists from the Chinese Silicon Valley in Shen Zhen. It is here that the best electronics manufacturers are located, who have already managed to gain an impeccable reputation for their high quality products. As you know, the key to success is a serious attitude to work. That is why, at every level of the production process, thorough testing and selection of products is carried out in order to create a product that fully meets the user’s wishes and requirements.

Finished products, packaged and supplemented with various necessary additions, go to Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the former CIS, where they find their consumer.

In its work, BQ is guided by three basic rules:

High quality. The company conducts selective additional testing of devices to determine the technical condition.
Stylish design. Every phone, smartphone or tablet is a new, unique device. Designers are constantly in creative search, supplementing gadgets with new features and functions.
Availability. The main goal of the company is the general availability of communication. Each consumer can buy the device of his choice and enjoy the work and opportunities provided by BQ.
The young team is focused on success, as their motivation is close to everyone. A person should enjoy life every day, enjoy communication, work and other moments. The HK-Digital company offers you an excellent opportunity to carry out wholesale and small-scale wholesale deliveries of smartphones manufactured by the Chinese company BQ on the most favorable terms to any desired point in Europe, the CIS and the whole world. Thanks to the established business ties directly with the smartphone manufacturer in Shenzhen (PRC), there are no unrealizable tasks for us.

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