Today, in the context of the total popularity of modern gadgets, there are many manufacturing companies engaged in the manufacture of this electronic equipment. These products are extremely demanded in the consumer market, as they can be used to simultaneously solve several issues at a distance, which is very important for business people.

Almost all well-known and not only manufacturers of modern smartphones and tablets are located in China. With such great competition, each brand tries to present a product of the highest quality and most interesting, primarily for ordinary users, since it is they who dictate the main directions of the electronic equipment market.

Ecoo is a relatively young company, it has been operating since 2004, but despite this, it has managed to significantly overtake its competitors. Ecoo’s main specialization is the production of mobile phones. From the very beginning of its activity, the company has chosen the right tactics of work – focusing on the international market. This orientation led to the beginning of cooperation with foreign telecom operators. The company provides services to major operators such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Orange and Vodafone and others.

Cooperating with mobile operators, Ecoo has the opportunity to study the consumer market well and direct its attention to precisely those functions and features that can be most useful to users.

In the production of a smartphone, the manufacturer was able to optimally combine high quality products and stylish design. Ecoo’s peculiarity is constant development and striving for something new. Each smartphone has its own functional features and unique design. Software developers, fruitfully working with designers, in each model harmoniously combine high technology and stylish appearance.

Special attention is paid to the appearance of devices, since a gadget for a modern person is part of his style, which means it must be flawless and special.

The Ecoo brand has only been on the market for a little over ten years and during this time it has managed to achieve a lot. A young, but already strong and experienced team does not stop there, but continues to work on the assortment of products, their quality, software content and promotion to foreign markets.

HK-Digital sells Ecoo products wholesale and retail in Ukraine, Russia and other countries of the former CIS under optimal conditions.

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