The Highscreen company is a Russian brand that has been operating in the market for the production of electronic equipment since the 2000s. The main specialization of the manufacturer is the production of mid-range smartphones.

The Highscreen team can be safely called the pioneers in the development of mobile phones and other electronics. Now it is a professional company that controls the market for the latest trends and technologies, releasing devices that every consumer will want to use.

The Highscreen manufacturer was the first in Russia to launch the first tablet, fabler, android smartphone, HD screen, FullHD screen and other high-tech devices. These are really great achievements, but they are all in the past. The brand’s job is to find new, even more advanced devices available to the mass consumer on a daily basis.

The Russian brand Highscreen received the greatest popularity as a manufacturer of smartphones, DVRs and accessories for them. The first smartphones under the Highscreen trademark appeared on the Russian market and the countries of the former CIS in 2009. From the beginning, the company acquired finished devices, worked on their design, improved their software, and then promoted them to the market. Even with such a production process, the brand’s devices have always had their own personality and peculiarity. They significantly stood out from the competition for their affordable price and great functionality.

With each new gadget, Highscreen tries to bring something new, more attractive, useful for users. The Highscreen Boost 2 / Boost 2 SE smartphones released in 2014 attracted a lot of attention from consumers. The peculiarity of these devices is that they were equipped with two 3000 and 6000 mAh capacitive batteries, which ensured operation for up to two weeks.

Over the years, the company has acquired its loyal fans. Supporting its consumer, the Highscreen brand provides warranty and service maintenance of devices, which once again emphasizes a serious and responsible attitude to their work.

You can purchase Highscreen brand products with the help of HK-Digital, which will deliver devices both in Ukraine and anywhere in the world. The goal of our work is to deliver the highest quality products to customers on the most favorable terms.

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