The main motto of the HOMTOM company is to preserve the uniqueness in each product. The HOMTOM brand is still very young, it was founded in 2014. The main focus of the company is to support modern innovations that bring maximum pleasure to users from working with modern devices.

During its operation, the company has already released 5 models of smartphones – these are HOMTOM HT5, HOMTOM HT6, HOMTOM HT7, HOMTOM HT7 PRO, HT3, which showed that even a young team can produce very high quality products.

The main difference between the brand’s gadgets lies in the capacitive batteries, which provide the devices for a week without additional charging. In addition, in the manufacture of their smartphones, the manufacturer always uses modern technical innovations, thanks to which the equipment can be used for work and for entertainment. High quality external and front cameras are built in so that the user does not miss any important moment in his life. Memories should be of high quality and last for many years. The design of HOMTOM products should be noted separately. Each device is the product of a whole team that develops an ergonomic, sophisticated case that has become part of the style of the modern user.

The 2015 HOMTOM HT5 attracted a lot of consumer attention. In addition to the usual 4250 mAh capacitive battery, it also has a special external design. The outer cover is made of wood, but the case itself is very thin and light. This model perfectly combines craftsmanship and high technology.

The focus of HOMTOM on the consumer of the middle price category turned out to be the right decision. The brand’s devices have gained a lot of popularity among users in a fairly quick time frame. Smartphones are comfortable, have a lot of necessary operations, stylish and also not expensive.

The specialized company HK-Digital provides services for the implementation of wholesale and small-scale wholesale deliveries of HOMTOM smartphones. With our help, users from Ukraine, Russia and other countries of the former CIS can learn about all the advantages of working on modern, convenient and multifunctional devices at an affordable price. Convenient conditions and high quality weaving services guarantee an efficient business relationship.

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