HK-Digital will carry out wholesale and small-scale wholesale deliveries of phones in bulk to Ukraine and other countries directly from the manufacturer’s plant at an acceptable cost and on convenient terms. The established partnership relations of our company with the manufacturer will ensure high-quality and timely delivery of goods.

The experience of manufacturers of modern communication devices shows that, together with multifunctional devices, consumers are also attracted by models of protected phones that are resistant to various influences and are able to maintain their performance for a long time. Shock-resistant phones are essential in extreme conditions.

Huadoo has been successfully manufacturing secure phones since 2010. The production group is based in Shenzhen (China). The main specialization of the brand is the development and sale of electronic products with 3 degrees of protection (water, shock and dust), communication and information devices and Internet terminals.

In its work Huadoo uses technology from Germany and the USA, combining them into a successful and effective product. After several years of work, the company managed to take a leading position in this direction among electronic shock-resistant equipment. Rugged mobile phones comply with international professional certified standards, and their quality has been appreciated by users in more than 60 countries around the world. The products are successfully used in the armed forces, medicine, education, tourism and many other fields of activity.

Since its inception, Huadoo Group has invested heavily in manufacturing capacity and skilled workforce, making all products high quality and novelty.

When looking for a secure phone, buyers will immediately notice the rather expensive cost of Huadoo devices in comparison with the rest of the phones in this lineup. At the same time, the brand’s devices have a number of advantages that are very important for the user in operation.

First of all, it is always important for consumers to stay in touch, wherever and in what conditions they are. By fulfilling this requirement, Huadoo phones can work with two SIM cards at the same time. Another important advantage is the presence of a powerful processor with four cores, which is not even always found in smartphones. A very important part for rugged phones is a good battery.

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