The Chinese company iOcean was founded in 2000. Specializes in research and development, production and subsequent sale of mobile phones under its own brand. The company’s headquarters is located in the main financial and economic center of the Middle Kingdom – the city of Shanghai. In 2006, an official representative office was opened in the city of Shenzhen, the city where the lion’s share of modern hi-tech equipment is currently manufactured in the PRC. The next 2007, the third representative office was opened in the capital Beijing.

Currently, iOcean smartphones are manufactured by Shenzhen iOcean Digital Communications Technology Co., LTD. deservedly enjoy the rapidly growing demand not only in the domestic market of China, but also far beyond its borders. So, consumers from the USA, Canada, EU countries, Russia, the Middle East and South Korea know firsthand about the exceptional quality and properties of iOcean gadgets.

Over the past few years, iOcean has been consistently supplying its latest technological developments to the domestic market of Russia, which fully comply with the current development trends of the global electronics market and all the requests and wishes of the end consumer. At the same time, the Chinese company is quite successfully competing not only with budget models of other companies from China, but also with more famous and renowned manufacturers of hi-tech gadgets.

The situation in the domestic market of the Russian Federation is almost identical to the current state of affairs in the Ukrainian market – iOcean reasonably considers it one of the most promising for itself for the next few years. For this reason, the company is actively delivering its new developments to the delight of modern electronics users living here. The price of iOcean smartphones is traditionally pleasantly pleasing with its democratic availability, which is one of the main arguments when choosing along with the level of quality and technical capabilities.

The specialized company HK-Digital carries out wholesale and small-scale wholesale deliveries of modern models of smartphones of the iOcean brand from China and Hong Kong, thanks to the business relations established over the past few years. Deliveries are carried out to the countries of Europe, the CIS in a short time. There are no impossible tasks for us.

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