The Chinese company Jiayu is one of the leading manufacturers of modern smartphone models from Southeast Asia. Hi-tech products manufactured under this trademark are invariably distinguished by their strict forms, in which there are no unnecessary elements. As for the internal filling, the phones of a young, but so ambitious company from the Middle Kingdom, constitute a fairly serious level of competition with analogues of more eminent companies with a worldwide reputation. The Jiayu management constantly conducts various scientific researches, which subsequently form the basis for the creation of modern models of hi-tech gadgets.

Jiayu smartphones almost immediately from the moment of their appearance on the world market produced the effect of an exploding bomb of increased power. The novelties of a young company from China immediately attracted the close attention of connoisseurs and admirers of advanced technologies. Chinese developers managed to perfectly combine all the most important advantages for the modern spoiled consumer in their smartphone models. We are talking about unsurpassed high quality, excellent technical and functional characteristics, durability of operation and unpretentiousness in personal care. And all this, not to mention the more than affordable cost of the gadget, which is an order of magnitude less than the more famous counterparts of other manufacturing companies.

The leadership of the Chinese company quite reasonably considers the internal market of the post-Soviet countries to be one of the priority areas for further development. So, in Russia, Jiayu are in steadily growing demand. As a result, the top management of the company does not hide the fact that in the foreseeable future it will open its official representative offices and full-fledged technical support centers not only in the Russian Federation, but also in other CIS countries. In particular, Jiayu has been steadily increasing its presence in Ukraine over the past few years.

HK-Digital offers you an excellent opportunity to carry out wholesale and small-scale wholesale deliveries of smartphones manufactured by the Chinese company Jiayu on the most favorable terms to any desired point in Europe, the CIS and the whole world. Thanks to the established business ties directly with the smartphone manufacturer in Shenzhen (PRC), there are no unrealizable tasks for us.

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