The world famous corporation Lenovo Group Limited rightfully occupies a leading position in the world’s top 5 manufacturers of modern computer equipment. Various models of smartphones and tablet computers produced under the Chinese brand Lenovo compete with the products of such world-renowned companies as Acer, Asus, Dell, THL and HP.

Despite its Chinese origin, the company is registered in Singapore, headquartered in the United States, and main offices in China and the United States. Lenovo R&D centers are located in China, Japan and the United States. Currently, the company’s hi-tech products are in great demand and are sold in more than 160 countries around the world. Modern models of Lenovo smartphones are a visual embodiment of advanced high technologies, exceptional technical characteristics, stylish appearance and reasonable, affordable cost. It is for this reason that every year the company now and then does not get tired of pleasantly surprising with its new products, which invariably find warm responses from users.

All of the above is equally true of Lenovo tablets. In terms of their technical and functional characteristics, the products of the Chinese corporation are practically in no way inferior, and in some parameters even surpass similar production models of other major player companies in the world market.

For many years, Lenovo has been successfully selling various models of mobile phones, smartphones and tablet computers in Russia, which fully meet all the requirements and expectations of a modern discerning consumer.

As for the residents of Ukraine, Lenovo has also considered the domestic market of this country in recent years as one of the most promising for its further development and promotion. In this regard, smartphones and tablets of this company are in steadily growing demand from consumers here. Better recognition is hard to find.

The specialized company HK-Digital offers to all interested parties wholesale and small wholesale deliveries of modern high-tech products of the Lenovo brand to the Russian Federation, Ukraine and other CIS countries, Europe and the whole world straight from the plant from China on the most favorable terms.

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