Meizu Technology Co., LTD is a high-tech company from China that has specialized in the production of various portable mobile devices for more than 10 years, from design and further implementation to the whole world. Currently, the product range of the company consists of various models of MP3 players, mobile phones and communicators.

Despite the fact that the company was founded relatively recently – in the spring of 2003 – it is still considered a benchmark in terms of design, quality and level of functionality for other companies. The main markets for the sale of high-tech products of the company from the Middle Kingdom are China, South Korea, Japan, USA, Canada, countries of the European continent.

In recent years, Meizu smartphones have been consistently in great demand among fans of modern gadgets. Currently, the Meizu M8 Mini One model is very popular, which ideally combines impeccable quality, stylish appearance, excellent technical and functional characteristics. And all this at a reasonable, affordable cost, which compares favorably with similar offers on the hi-tech gadgets market.

Meizu traditionally supplies its latest developments to the domestic market of Russia. All of them fully comply with all the trends and changes that are taking place in the global high-tech products market. In its professional activities, the Chinese company uses advanced scientific and technical developments. As for the domestic market of Ukraine, Meizu also considers it among quite promising areas due to the growing demand for modern gadget models. As a result, the most significant new developments of the Chinese company are delivered here, which does not need its own introduction.

In the event of a need for this kind of specialized company HK-Digital, which has its own representative office in China and established business relations with gadget manufacturing factories, is ready to offer its qualified services in terms of wholesale and small wholesale deliveries of Meizu and other companies from the Middle Kingdom. We offer our clients the most optimal conditions for fruitful interaction.

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