The Chinese company TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Ltd, which is habitually called TCL, is one of the leading manufacturers of modern electronics, namely: air conditioners, DVD / VCL players, office phones, household appliances and much more. It was founded in 1981 by the PRC government for the production of audio cassettes, various trace elements and switches. In the early 1990s, she actively collaborated with such world giants as Panasonic, Philips, Toshiba. He currently owns factories in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Mexico, Germany and Poland.

The current TCL smartphones are currently manufactured by the Chinese company Huizhou TCL Mobile Communication Co., Ltd. By the way, gadgets under the Alcatel brand are immediately produced – in 2004, a Chinese corporation took over this world famous French manufacturer of mobile phones. Models of smartphones released under the TCL brand fully meet all the requirements and wishes of discerning consumers. In this regard, the company’s products are practically on an equal footing with analogues of more well-known, eminent companies.

Starting in 2011, TCL tablets began to be supplied to the domestic market in China, and then throughout the world as a whole. The top management of the company constantly closely monitors all trends and novelties of the world hi-tech technology and electronics market in order to always be able to offer the consumer the most optimal option. Models of tablet computers manufactured by a company from China are deservedly in demand, since they invariably differ in an ideal balance of impeccable quality, excellent technical and functional indicators, as well as, of course, affordable democratic cost. Over the past few years, TCL has been regularly supplying its regular new products to the Russian domestic market, which compete on equal terms with similar products from other participants in the modern hi-tech electronics market. The same is equally typical for the Ukrainian market – TCL has considered it one of the priorities for itself over the past years. The HK-Digital company carries out wholesale and small wholesale deliveries of smartphones and tablets of the TCL brand from China and Hong Kong to anywhere in Europe, the CIS and the whole world in general on the most favorable terms and prices for you.

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