The Chinese company Uphone, based in Shenzhen, was founded in 2011. It has taken its place in the segment of manufacturers of the rugged phone line. Positioning itself as a serious brand, the production process was immediately given great attention. For brand development, research, development and main production, a whole factory of 2500 square meters was equipped. With the ability to manufacture 1.7 million devices per year.

Rugged phones are a popular product, as modern people increasingly prefer an active lifestyle. During extreme leisure or other activities, it is simply important to have a reliable communication device with you that you can use at any moment.

The Uphone company manufactures rugged phones and smartphones of the middle price category. They are equipped with a basic set of functions that can come in handy in extreme conditions.

The brand’s devices have an extremely durable housing. They are resistant to water, snow, dirt, falls and shock, dust and other mechanical stress. In addition, Uphone smartphones are distinguished by their functionality, which users will be able to appreciate.

In its work, the Uphone brand relies on high technologies and product quality. It was this tactic of work that was able to bring the manufacturer of rugged telephones in such a short time to the list of the best companies in the line of shockproof communication devices. A special advantage of the brand’s devices is their low cost, which makes them available to a large number of consumers.

The Uphone device is just what you need for extreme people or people whose activities are associated with risk. They will be indispensable for divers, rock climbers, climbers, builders, rescuers, firefighters and others. They will also become part of the equipment for fishing, hunting or even on a camping trip, where communication with the outside world is of great importance.

Ukrainian consumers can also become happy owners of Uphone devices. A specialized company HK-Digital can arrange wholesale and small-scale wholesale deliveries of products of Chinese brands, directly from manufacturers. In addition, cooperation with the countries of the former CIS, Europe and other countries of the world is possible. The company provides favorable conditions and high-quality work performed. Delivery of products is carried out by the leading logistics companies in China.

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