The Chinese company Zopo is rightfully considered one of the youngest participants in the global market for modern smartphones and tablets, being founded in July 2011. However, thanks to the hard work and active actions of the company’s management, she managed, it would seem, to do the impossible – not only to start successfully, but also to move the more eminent gadget manufacturers a little. As a result, the products are in consistently high demand not only within the Celestial Empire, but also far beyond its borders.

Zopo smartphones are rightfully considered one of the most modern mobile devices produced in the PRC. The secret of overwhelming success is extremely simple – the company managed in some bizarre way to perfectly combine impeccable quality, excellent technical characteristics and affordable cost. This fully corresponds to the original meaning of the ZOPO name: Zealous diligent, Open – open, Perfect – wonderful, Outstanding – outstanding. As for the Zopo tablets, over the past few years, they have traditionally enjoyed a rapidly growing demand not only in the domestic market of China, but also far beyond its borders. The management of the company from the PRC closely monitors all trends and changes in consumer sentiment in order to always be able to offer their attention a really worthy hi-tech option.

On the territory of Russia, Zopo successfully sells smartphones and tablet computers of various models and configurations, which compete on equal terms with analogue gadgets produced by more well-known and well-known companies that do not need their introduction. However, this does not stop the management of the Chinese company, which firmly intends to further expand its presence in the Russian market. Over the past few years, Zopo has been successfully selling its hi-tech products on the territory of Ukraine, which deservedly enjoy impressive attention and quite justified rapidly growing demand. HK-Digital offers you the opportunity to carry out wholesale and small-scale deliveries of ZOPO production equipment to any part of Europe and the CIS directly from the manufacturing plant in Shenzhen thanks to established stable business relations with transport companies in China and Hong Kong.

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